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Business Super Savers
Earn an even higher rate of interest with Business Super Savers!
  • $100 minimum deposit to open
  • $300 average daily balance required to avoid a monthly fee
  • $5 monthly maintenance fee if balance drops below the average minimum balance
  • Six free withdrawals per calendar month 
  • $3 for each withdrawal over six per calendar month*
  • Free Online BankingFree 24 hour Bank by Phone

*Transaction Limitations: An unlimited number of withdrawal/transfers can be made in the lobby, by mail, or by ATM. Federal regulations and our deposit agreement limit you to six withdrawals and/or transfers from your savings or money market account by telephone or PC transfer, pre-authorized transfer, check or debit card during any calendar month or statement cycle of at least four weeks. Continued excess transactions will cause the bank to convert your account to non-interest bearing checking as determined by the bank.
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Internet Banking Awareness
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